Join our CleftSTARS NSW support group!


We know that growing up with a cleft is not easy. Many children, teens and young adults can really struggle with self-esteem issues and the stresses involved in having a cleft and can often feel alone in their journey. CleftSTARS NSW is a unique support group for young people with a cleft who wish to meet others in their area who are going through the same thing to share stories and give each other support.


What are the benefits?

As a CleftSTARS member, you will have access to reliable information and a network of young adults who were also born with a cleft who can mentor, give advice and provide support after having been through their own cleft journey.

Through our membership database, we can help put you in contact with others with a cleft of a similar age around your area to connect for advice, understanding, and friendship. This is a great opportunity as for many, this is their first time meeting someone else with a cleft!

Our events such as bowling and movie nights are a fun way for our CleftSTARS to catch up and build relationships with others in the group.

NOTE: As these events are hosted predominantly for young people, we will never provide specific times and locations for events publicly on our website or Facebook.


How can I join?

If you or your family are current members of CleftPALS NSW and you are aged between 8 and 18 years old, you are eligible to become part of this group. If you want to join CleftSTARS or would like more information, please contact our CleftSTARS Coordinator


“Turn your scars into stars!” – Robert Schuller