Membership is the basis of our not-for-profit organisation. Without our members, we wouldn’t be here to help.

Members of CleftPALS NSW receive –

♥ Personal contacts – you can be put in touch with other members in your local area for support
♥ Access to reliable information
♥ Quarterly newsletters with articles by specialists, up to date information and letters from other parents sharing experiences and ideas
♥ Free entry to CleftPALS NSW events
♥ Discount on purchases of feeding equipment
♥ One free bottle set for each new member with first order of equipment.

The newsletters are also a great way to keep you updated on any news in the community and upcoming events.

If you would like to become a member of CleftPALS NSW or make a donation, please complete the Membership form HERE.

Membership fees are:
1 year – $30
3 years – $80
5 years – $125

Limited time offer – 2 years for the price of 1 year! Just $30 for 2 years membership. Offer expires 31 January 2017.

Please send completed forms to